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Changelog to overall added/returned/removed games/software of the data on this site:
22 September 2017F1 2010™ [Removed]
22 September 2017The Suffering of Larina [Removed]
22 September 2017Infiltration [Removed]
22 September 2017Himiko [Removed]
22 September 2017Valortha [Removed]
22 September 2017Sayaka [Removed]
22 September 2017Viktaram [Removed]
22 September 2017Epica [Removed]
22 September 2017D.U.S.T. [Removed]
21 September 2017ContactS [Removed]
21 September 2017Wolf Must Die [Removed]
21 September 2017Slider Quest [Removed]
21 September 2017MineDrill [Removed]
15 September 2017Sorcerer King [Removed]
7 September 2017NASCAR Heat Evolution [Removed]
7 September 2017VR Swing Table Tennis Oculus [Removed]
7 September 2017Keyboard Killer [Removed]
31 August 2017Dreaming about you [Returned]
31 August 2017Chicka Wars | Chicken Meat [Returned]
31 August 2017GooCubelets: The Algoorithm [Purchase disabled]
31 August 2017Why So Evil 2: Dystopia [Purchase disabled]
31 August 2017GooCubelets 2 [Purchase disabled]
31 August 2017Why So Evil [Purchase disabled]
31 August 2017GooCubelets [Purchase disabled]
31 August 2017Fiends of Imprisonment [Purchase disabled]
31 August 2017Brilliant Bob [Purchase disabled]
31 August 2017They Came From The Moon [Purchase disabled]
31 August 2017Absconding Zatwor [Purchase disabled]
31 August 2017Break Into Zatwor [Purchase disabled]
31 August 2017Love is Blind: Mutants [Purchase disabled]
31 August 2017Slash Arena: Online [Purchase disabled]
31 August 2017Strangers in a Strange Land [Returned]
31 August 2017M.E.R.C. [Removed]
31 August 2017Dumb Stone [Removed]
31 August 2017RainBlood Chronicles: Mirage [Removed]
31 August 2017Might & Magic Showdown [Removed]
31 August 2017Table Tennis VR [Removed]
31 August 2017Operation Breakout® [Removed]
31 August 2017Afterfall: Reconquest Episode I [Removed]
31 August 2017Age of Conan: Rise of the Godslayer [Removed]
31 August 2017Age of Conan - Hyborian Adventures [Removed]
25 August 2017BloodGate [Purchase disabled]
25 August 2017Ropeway Simulator 2014 [Removed]
20 August 2017The Cosmos Is MINE! [Removed]
20 August 2017Sound Balling [Removed]
17 August 2017Super Comboman [Removed]
17 August 2017Hordelicious [Removed]
16 August 2017The Dark Tales of Katarina [Removed]
16 August 2017Storm in Desert [Removed]
16 August 2017REED [Removed]
16 August 2017FeeSoeeD [Removed]
16 August 2017MontaSayer [Removed]
16 August 2017Socxel | Pixel Soccer [Removed]
16 August 2017GrottyScape [Removed]
16 August 2017StoneBack | Prehistory [Removed]
16 August 2017DinoOps [Removed]
16 August 2017CosmoLands | Space-Adventure [Removed]
16 August 2017Etaria | Survival Adventure [Removed]
11 August 2017Wander [Removed]
9 August 2017Sine Mora [Removed]
9 August 2017Featherpunk Prime [Removed]
9 August 2017Heroes Never Die [Returned]
9 August 2017Starlight Drifter [Removed]
7 August 2017Fluttabyes [Returned]
6 August 2017ICY [Removed]
6 August 2017Indie Fight [Removed]
4 August 2017Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader [Removed]
29 July 2017House Party [Returned]
28 July 2017Tankr [Removed]
28 July 2017River City Ransom: Underground [Returned]
28 July 2017Storm United [Removed]
28 July 2017Moving Hazard [Removed]
28 July 2017Ashbourne [Removed]
28 July 2017VRporize - VR FPS [Removed]
28 July 2017Ninja Gainyk [Removed]
28 July 2017Boyar [Removed]
28 July 2017Lifeless [Removed]
28 July 2017Impulse! [Removed]
23 July 2017Social Interaction Trainer [Removed]
23 July 2017Beyond Despair [Removed]
23 July 2017Space Siege [Removed]
23 July 2017HERO DEFENSE [Purchase disabled]
20 July 2017Barclay: The Marrowdale Murder [Returned]
20 July 2017Sleengster 2 [Returned]
20 July 2017Sleengster [Returned]
20 July 2017Torch Cave 2 [Returned]
20 July 2017Torch Cave [Returned]
20 July 2017Rage Parking Simulator 2016 [Returned]
19 July 2017Blazing Angels 2: Secret Missions of WWII [Removed]
19 July 2017Keen Dreams [Removed]
19 July 2017Abrams Tank [Removed]
19 July 2017Alpha Decay [Removed]
19 July 2017Sky Nations [Removed]
19 July 2017Cubistry™ Collection Vol. 1 [Removed]
19 July 2017Dali 17 - VR Museum Tours [Removed]
18 July 2017Tony Hawks Pro Skater HD [Removed]
18 July 2017Mad Riders [Removed]
18 July 2017Shoot Many Robots [Removed]
15 July 2017VR Guest [Returned]
15 July 2017Starr Mazer: DSP [Returned]
14 July 2017Worlds Adrift [Returned]
11 July 2017Black The Fall [Returned]
11 July 2017Techwars Online 2 [Returned]
10 July 2017InfiniMath - Endless Math Puzzle [Removed]
10 July 2017Gotham Gangsta [Removed]
10 July 2017Electric Zombies [Removed]
10 July 2017ZombieRush [Removed]
10 July 2017Lands Of Devastation [Removed]
10 July 2017Rapid Squirrel [Removed]
10 July 2017Base Squad 49 [Removed]
10 July 2017Lemurzin [Removed]
10 July 2017Fallen Mage [Removed]
10 July 2017Frozen Drift Race [Removed]
10 July 2017Mankind Defender [Removed]
10 July 2017Rage of the Battlemage [Removed]
10 July 2017Tower Defense Ultimate [Removed]
10 July 2017War Truck Simulator [Removed]
10 July 2017MTB Downhill Simulator [Removed]
7 July 2017Spacewing VR [Removed]
7 July 2017Adventurous Life [Removed]
7 July 2017Warhammer 40,000: Carnage Champions [Removed]
7 July 2017GooCubelets: OCD [Purchase disabled]
7 July 2017GooCubelets: The Void [Purchase disabled]
7 July 2017Zombie Boom [Purchase disabled]
7 July 2017Beast Blaster [Purchase disabled]
7 July 2017Cyborg Detonator [Purchase disabled]
7 July 2017Metris Soccer [Removed]
7 July 2017Driver San Francisco [Removed]
7 July 2017Folk Tale [Purchase disabled]
7 July 2017Wild Frontera [Removed]
7 July 2017Nicolays Adventure [Removed]
7 July 2017Piximalism [Removed]
7 July 2017Western Adventure [Removed]
7 July 2017Catacomb Explorers [Removed]
7 July 2017Gun Monkeys [Removed]
4 July 2017Space Trucker [Returned]
29 June 2017Cargo! - The quest for gravity [Returned]
22 June 2017The Zombiest Adventures In The Perverted Age of Enlightenment With a Pinch of Woodpunk [Removed]
22 June 2017Pressure [Removed]
22 June 2017Protocol [Removed]
22 June 2017Gravity Core - Braintwisting Space Odyssey [Removed]
17 June 2017SMASH+GRAB [Removed]
16 June 2017Rover The Dragonslayer [Removed]
16 June 2017Light Gravity Cube [Removed]
14 June 2017Ninja Avenger Dragon Blade [Returned]
13 June 2017Accidental Runner [Removed]
13 June 2017SickBrick [Returned]
9 June 2017Valiant [Purchase disabled]
9 June 2017Ping Ping [Removed]
9 June 2017Temporal Temple [Removed]
9 June 2017Natures Wrath VR [Removed]
9 June 2017The Fallen Kingdom [Removed]
9 June 2017Fire Farm VR [Removed]
9 June 2017Football VR [Removed]
7 June 2017Secret Doctrine [Removed]
6 June 2017K Station [Removed]
5 June 2017Sirius Online [Returned]
3 June 2017OreLight [Removed]
3 June 2017Biology Battle [Removed]
3 June 2017Doctor Who: The Adventure Games [Removed]
3 June 2017VROOM: Galleon [Removed]
3 June 2017VROOM: Aerie [Removed]
3 June 2017Magnificent Ships: Volume 2 [Removed]
3 June 2017Magnificent Ships: Volume 1 [Removed]
26 May 2017Spaceport Hope [Returned]
26 May 2017Gun Rocket [Returned]
26 May 2017House of Caravan [Returned]
26 May 2017The Howler [Returned]
26 May 2017Fate Tectonics [Returned]
25 May 2017Chosen 2 [Returned]
25 May 2017Sins Of The Demon RPG [Returned]
25 May 2017Earth Under Siege [Removed]
25 May 2017Falling Skies: The Game [Removed]
25 May 2017Young Justice: Legacy [Removed]
24 May 2017The Rollingballs Melody [Removed]
23 May 2017Plazma Being [Returned]
23 May 2017Earth Overclocked [Returned]
23 May 2017Morphopolis [Returned]
23 May 2017Defy Gravity Extended [Returned]
23 May 2017Gabe Newell Simulator [Returned]
21 May 2017BEEP [Returned]
21 May 2017Waveform [Returned]
21 May 2017Out There Somewhere [Returned]
21 May 2017PARTICLE MACE [Returned]
21 May 2017Splatter - Zombie Apocalypse [Returned]
21 May 2017Airscape - The Fall of Gravity [Returned]
21 May 2017Star Saviors [Returned]
21 May 2017DEFENDERS [Removed]
16 May 2017One Sole Purpose [Returned]
16 May 2017Alan Wake [Purchase disabled]
14 May 2017Racing Manager 2014 [Removed]
14 May 2017Pole Position 2012 [Removed]
14 May 2017Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock [Removed]
13 May 2017Road Redemption [Returned]
13 May 2017Polarity [Returned]
11 May 2017Professor Nasty Time: The Stupidly Unfair Test Simulator 2016 [Removed]
11 May 2017Yelaxot [Removed]
7 May 2017Intergalactic Road Warriors [Removed]
7 May 2017Wipe Out VR [Returned]
3 May 2017Cloud Chamber [Removed]
1 May 2017The Bellows [Removed]
29 April 2017Monster High: New Ghoul in School [Removed]
29 April 2017Barbie and Her Sisters Puppy Rescue [Removed]
24 April 2017VR Chair Games [Returned]
24 April 2017Beyond The Destiny [Purchase disabled]
22 April 2017Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 [Removed]
18 April 2017Rescue: Everyday Heroes [Removed]
16 April 2017Legends of Aethereus [Purchase disabled]
16 April 2017Lif [Purchase disabled]
15 April 2017Carnage Racing [Removed]
15 April 2017Cloud Knights [Removed]
15 April 2017Massive Assault Network 2 [Removed]
13 April 2017K-Rolik [Removed]
13 April 2017Zi [Removed]
13 April 2017Julai [Removed]
10 April 2017Dovetail Games Flight School [Removed]
7 April 2017Evergrow [Removed]
7 April 2017Trigger Happy Shooting [Removed]
7 April 2017Techwars Online [Removed]
7 April 2017Drudes Sandstorm [Returned]
6 April 2017HoCWar [Returned]
6 April 2017Dreaming [Removed]
6 April 2017HUNT [Removed]
5 April 2017Catan [Removed]
4 April 2017Battle: Los Angeles [Removed]
2 April 2017Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions [Removed]
31 March 2017Hero Barrier [Returned]
30 March 2017Castle of Illusion [Returned]
29 March 2017Metro 2033 [Removed]
29 March 2017Freedom Poopie [Returned]
29 March 2017Strike Force: Arctic Storm [Purchase disabled]
29 March 2017Strike Force: Desert Thunder [Purchase disabled]
28 March 2017Armed and Gelatinous [Purchase disabled]
27 March 2017The Repopulation [Returned]
25 March 2017EEP 12 [Removed]
24 March 2017KEK Story [Removed]
24 March 2017Office Freakout [Removed]
22 March 2017NBA 2K13 [Removed]
22 March 2017WWE 2K15 [Removed]
21 March 2017Gettysburg: Armored Warfare [Removed]
18 March 2017Bulletstorm [Removed]
16 March 2017Raywin [Purchase disabled]
15 March 2017Save Your Mother [Returned]
15 March 2017Syrian Warfare [Returned]
15 March 2017Last Stand [Removed]
15 March 2017The Dawn-First War [Removed]
9 March 2017SCRABBLE: The Classic Word Game - Official 2016 Edition [Removed]
9 March 2017RISK - The game of Global Domination - The Official 2016 Edition [Removed]
9 March 2017Lines [Removed]
5 March 2017Nebula Online [Removed]
2 March 2017IVAN vs NAZI ZOMBIES [Removed]
2 March 2017Stay Close [Returned]
1 March 2017Outlands Safehouse [Removed]
1 March 2017DiRT Showdown [Removed]
28 February 2017BoxMaker [Removed]
23 February 2017Dear Esther [Purchase disabled]
23 February 2017Little ALLIGATOR [Removed]
23 February 2017Hello From Indiana [Removed]
23 February 2017Its your last chance in new school [Removed]
23 February 2017Luci:Horror Story [Removed]
22 February 2017Cube Master [Removed]
22 February 2017North Side [Removed]
22 February 2017To the home [Removed]
22 February 2017Cube Master: Light Adventure [Removed]
22 February 2017Oldschool tennis [Removed]
22 February 2017Purple Hills [Removed]
22 February 2017Bot Colony [Returned]
20 February 2017Ashes of the Singularity [Removed]
20 February 2017Geometry Dash [Returned]
19 February 2017Désiré [Removed]
17 February 2017Dragon Kingdom War [Returned]
14 February 2017First Impact: Rise of a Hero [Returned]
12 February 2017Elite Dangerous: Arena [Removed]
12 February 2017Steel Storm: A.M.M.O. [Removed]
10 February 2017Tiny Toast [Removed]
8 February 2017Dropship Down [Purchase disabled]
8 February 2017MIGHT [Purchase disabled]
7 February 2017Room 404 [Removed]
7 February 2017Ghostbusters: Sanctum of Slime [Removed]
7 February 2017Ghostbusters: The Video Game [Removed]
5 February 2017Galaxy in eclipse [Removed]
1 February 2017TERA [Returned]
1 February 2017Clutter V: Welcome To Clutterville [Removed]
31 January 2017The Race for the White House [Returned]
31 January 2017Anime! Oi history! [Removed]
31 January 2017Landfill [Removed]
28 January 2017Siege of Inaolia [Removed]
28 January 2017Dungeon Dashers [Removed]
28 January 2017Collateral [Removed]
28 January 2017Brutal Warrior [Removed]
28 January 2017StarForge [Removed]
27 January 2017Cold Dreams [Removed]
27 January 2017Sharf [Removed]
27 January 2017Platformica [Removed]
26 January 2017Pure Heart [Removed]
25 January 2017Desert Storm [Removed]
19 January 2017Q.U.B.E. [Returned]
19 January 2017Rambo The Video Game: Baker Team [Purchase disabled]
19 January 2017Ballanced [Removed]
18 January 2017BanHammer [Removed]
18 January 2017Art of Stealth [Removed]
17 January 2017Awakening of Solutio [Removed]
17 January 2017Special Forces: Team X [Removed]
17 January 2017War of the Vikings [Removed]
12 January 2017Hot Wheels™ Worlds Best Driver™ [Removed]
12 January 2017Depression [Removed]
10 January 2017Uncrowded [Removed]
8 January 2017LOKA - League of keepers Allysium [Removed]
7 January 2017Guilty Gear X2 #Reload [Returned]
7 January 2017Guilty Gear Isuka [Returned]
7 January 2017Landmark [Removed]
7 January 2017El Ninja (Beta) [Removed]
7 January 2017.atorb. [Removed]
7 January 2017Sekwere [Removed]
7 January 2017bOllO [Removed]
6 January 2017Football Manager Touch 2016 [Removed]
6 January 2017Football Manager 2016 [Removed]
4 January 2017The Amazing Spider-Man [Removed]
4 January 2017Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutants in Manhattan [Removed]
4 January 2017Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows [Removed]
4 January 2017Dream Chronicles: The Chosen Child [Removed]
2 January 2017Judge Dredd: Countdown Sector 106 [Removed]
2 January 2017F1 2013 [Removed]
2 January 2017DiRT 3 Complete Edition [Removed]
2 January 2017GRID [Removed]
2 January 2017Frozen Hearth [Removed]
2 January 2017Spheria [Removed]
2 January 2017Anomalie [Removed]
2 January 2017Galaxy Commando [Removed]
2 January 2017Heros Song [Purchase disabled]
2 January 2017Babel Rising [Purchase disabled]
29 December 2016Crunch Time! [Removed]
24 December 2016First Person Tennis - The Real Tennis Simulator [Returned]
22 December 2016STEEL RIVALS [Purchase disabled]
22 December 2016Cliffs of War: Fortress Defenders [Purchase disabled]
22 December 2016The Void [Returned]
21 December 2016Adventure Time: Explore the Dungeon Because I DON’T KNOW! [Removed]
20 December 2016Last Survivor [Removed]
19 December 2016Monomino [Purchase disabled]
19 December 2016Portal Key [Removed]
14 December 2016Spark Rising [Removed]
14 December 2016Valley of Death [Removed]
12 December 2016Disney Infinity 2.0 [Removed]
9 December 2016Moorhuhn - Tiger and Chicken [Returned]
8 December 2016封神英杰传 [Removed]
8 December 2016PANOPTES [Removed]
8 December 2016ZenBlade [Removed]
8 December 2016NASCAR 15 Victory Edition [Removed]
28 November 2016Predynastic Egypt [Returned]
26 November 2016Marble Age [Returned]
25 November 2016Project Genom [Returned]
25 November 2016Spells n Stuff [Purchase disabled]
23 November 2016Urban Legends™ [Removed]
22 November 2016Portal 2 - The Final Hours [Returned]
14 November 2016Asteroids Minesweeper [Returned]
13 November 2016Tracks and Turrets [Removed]
5 November 2016Timelines: Assault on America [Removed]
5 November 2016Artizens [Purchase disabled]
5 November 2016Universe Sandbox [Purchase disabled]
3 November 2016Emergency 2016 [Removed]
1 November 2016Carmageddon: Reincarnation [Removed]
29 October 2016Echo Prime [Removed]
29 October 2016The Cooking Game [Returned]
27 October 2016Infestation: Survivor Stories Classic [Purchase disabled]
27 October 2016Galactic Adventures [Removed]
26 October 2016Asteroids: Outpost [Removed]
20 October 2016Warhammer 40,000: Storm of Vengeance [Removed]
20 October 2016Dead Star [Removed]
18 October 2016Pilot Crusader [Purchase disabled]
15 October 2016Pro Cycling Manager 2013 [Removed]
15 October 2016Pro Cycling Manager 2012 [Removed]
7 October 2016Zombie Office Politics [Returned]
1 October 2016Periodonica [Purchase disabled]
1 October 2016Disciples III: Reincarnation [Returned]
30 September 2016Titan [Removed]
30 September 2016Crazy Cars - Hit the Road [Removed]
30 September 2016Prehistorik [Removed]
30 September 2016Fire & Forget - The Final Assault [Removed]
30 September 2016Servo [Purchase disabled]
21 September 2016SCP 087. Re [Removed]
20 September 2016Journey Of The Light [Removed]
19 September 2016Titan Quest - Immortal Throne [Removed]
19 September 2016Titan Quest [Removed]
18 September 2016Major Stryker [Returned]
17 September 2016The Decimation of Olarath [Removed]
17 September 2016Withering Kingdom: Flurry Of Arrows [Removed]
17 September 2016Wyatt Derp 2: Peacekeeper [Removed]
17 September 2016Operation: Global Shield [Removed]
17 September 2016Dungeons Of Kragmor [Removed]
17 September 2016Paranormal Psychosis [Removed]
17 September 2016Starship: Nova Strike [Removed]
17 September 2016Krog Wars [Removed]
17 September 2016Winged Knights: Penetration [Removed]
17 September 2016Mini Attack Submarine [Removed]
17 September 2016Wyatt Derp [Removed]
17 September 2016Withering Kingdom: Arcane War [Removed]
17 September 2016Gnarltoofs Revenge [Removed]
17 September 2016The Slaughtering Grounds [Removed]
17 September 2016Forsaken Uprising [Removed]
17 September 2016Deadly Profits [Removed]
17 September 2016Temper Tantrum [Removed]
17 September 2016Medieval Mercs [Removed]
17 September 2016Devils Share [Removed]
17 September 2016Galactic Hitman [Removed]
17 September 2016Attrition: Nuclear Domination [Removed]
16 September 2016The Great Art Race [Returned]
16 September 2016Ceville [Returned]
14 September 2016NekoChan Hero - Collection [Removed]
14 September 2016The Depths of Tolagal [Returned]
8 September 2016Farm Machines Championships 2014 [Purchase disabled]
8 September 2016The West [Removed]
8 September 2016Alice: Madness Returns [Purchase disabled]
8 September 2016Jump Tanks [Purchase disabled]
8 September 2016Philia : the Sequel to Elansar [Returned]
8 September 2016Elansar [Returned]
3 September 2016Tuk Ruk [Removed]
1 September 2016DICETINY: The Lord of the Dice [Purchase disabled]
1 September 2016Shakedown Racing One [Removed]
1 September 2016MAV [Removed]
1 September 2016The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Game of the Year Edition [Removed]
29 August 2016Kings Quest Collection [Returned]
26 August 2016Stargunner [Returned]
25 August 2016Transcripted [Returned]
21 August 2016Commander: Conquest of the Americas [Returned]
20 August 2016The Sims Medieval [Removed]
17 August 2016Fall of the Titanic [Purchase disabled]
17 August 2016Tiny Thief [Removed]
17 August 2016Naninights [Purchase disabled]
16 August 2016Ted by Dawn [Purchase disabled]
1 August 2016World in Conflict: Soviet Assault [Removed]
22 July 2016Grind Zones [Returned]
20 July 2016Spellblast [Removed]
14 July 2016World in Conflict [Removed]
9 July 2016Narco Terror [Removed]
7 July 2016Jack Keane 2 - The Fire Within [Returned]
6 July 2016Jerry McPartlin - Rebel with a Cause [Removed]
28 June 2016Fantasy Kingdom Simulator [Returned]
28 June 2016Fetch It Again [Returned]
28 June 2016The Search for Amelia Earhart [Returned]
28 June 2016Miss Popularity [Returned]
28 June 2016Paws & Claws: Pet Vet [Returned]
28 June 2016Paws & Claws: Pet School [Returned]
28 June 2016Paws & Claws: Pampered Pets [Returned]
27 June 2016The Dolls [Returned]
27 June 2016Monster Bash [Returned]
24 June 2016Project CATS™ [Returned]
24 June 2016Mafia II - JAPAN [Removed]
22 June 2016O3DX [Returned]
22 June 2016Beyond Space [Returned]
16 June 2016Real World Racing [Removed]
16 June 2016DanceWall Remix [Removed]
15 June 2016Drift Streets Japan [Returned]
11 June 2016Battlefield 2: Complete Collection [Removed]
9 June 2016UNCONSCIOUS [Removed]
8 June 2016GODs DEATH [Returned]
7 June 2016Blood of Old [Removed]
7 June 2016Dead Island Riptide [Removed]
7 June 2016Dead Island [Removed]
5 June 2016Operation Caucasus [Removed]
5 June 2016Call of Cthulhu: The Wasted Land [Purchase disabled]
5 June 2016Stacks TNT [Removed]
5 June 2016Rugby League Live 3 [Returned]
1 June 2016Mafia II [Returned]
1 June 2016Trainz: Murchison 2 [Purchase disabled]
1 June 2016Zombie Zoeds [Returned]
1 June 2016Superfrog HD [Removed]
27 May 2016Shan Gui [Returned]
25 May 2016Zero Point [Purchase disabled]
25 May 2016Soccer Legends [Purchase disabled]
25 May 2016MISSING: An Interactive Thriller - Episode One [Purchase disabled]
25 May 2016Instinct [Removed]
25 May 2016Age of Wonders: Trilogy Soundtrack [Removed]
24 May 2016Rooster Teeth vs. Zombiens [Purchase disabled]
22 May 2016Oath of Genesis [Removed]
19 May 2016Petz Dogz 2 [Removed]
17 May 2016Eden River HD - A Virtual Reality Relaxation Experience [Removed]
14 May 2016BookWorm Adventures Volume 2 [Removed]
14 May 2016Bookworm Adventures Deluxe [Removed]
14 May 2016BookWorm Deluxe [Removed]
14 May 2016Fortunes Tavern - The Fantasy Tavern Simulator [Removed]
12 May 2016Origins of Malu [Purchase disabled]
11 May 2016EEP 12 [Returned]
9 May 2016Princess Isabella - Rise of an Heir [Removed]
9 May 2016Iron Grip: Warlord [Purchase disabled]
9 May 2016VR Karts [Purchase disabled]
9 May 2016Centration [Removed]
5 May 2016Sega Rally [Removed]
3 May 2016LEGO Minifigures Online [Removed]
1 May 2016Line of Defense [Removed]
27 April 2016Barbie™ Dreamhouse Party™ [Removed]
26 April 2016Minimum [Returned]
14 April 2016Nekro [Removed]
13 April 2016Devil Sealing Stone [Returned]
13 April 2016AXYOS [Returned]
8 April 2016Box Out! [Returned]
8 April 2016Star Trek [Removed]
8 April 2016Out of the Park Baseball 15 [Removed]
6 April 2016AERENA - Masters Edition [Removed]
30 March 2016Out of the Park Baseball 16 [Removed]
23 March 2016Otherland [Returned]
21 March 2016MajorMinor [Returned]
19 March 2016Beasts of Prey [Removed]
14 March 2016Nexuiz [Returned]
13 March 2016Steel & Steam: Episode 1 [Purchase disabled]
11 March 2016The Walking Dead™: Survival Instinct [Removed]
7 March 2016Vendetta - Curse of Ravens Cry [Returned]
6 March 2016Project Green Beat [Returned]
1 March 2016WAS -The Hourglass of Lepidoptera- [Removed]
1 March 2016Yohjo Simulator [Returned]
26 February 2016Dragon Rider [Purchase disabled]
26 February 2016Advent [Purchase disabled]
26 February 2016Realm of Perpetual Guilds [Purchase disabled]
22 February 2016Chrome: Specforce [Removed]
22 February 2016Chrome [Removed]
17 February 2016Who Wants To Be A Millionaire: Special Editions [Removed]
17 February 2016Duke Nukem 3D: Megaton Edition [Removed]
14 February 2016FX Football - The Manager for Every Football Fan [Removed]
6 February 2016Afro Samurai 2: Revenge of Kuma Volume One [Removed]
6 February 2016UmiharaKawase Shun Steam Edition [Returned]
6 February 2016UmiharaKawase [Returned]
6 February 2016Sayonara UmiharaKawase [Returned]
5 February 2016Grand Theft Auto IV [Returned]
3 February 2016Grave Prosperity: Redux- part 1 [Purchase disabled]
2 February 2016Divergence: Online [Returned]
20 January 2016Shoppe Keep [Returned]
16 January 2016TUG [Purchase disabled]
16 January 2016Descent 3 [Removed]
16 January 2016Descent 2 [Removed]
16 January 2016Descent [Removed]
12 January 2016The District [Returned]
12 January 2016Weather Lord: The Successors Path [Returned]
5 January 2016Basketball Pro Management 2014 [Purchase disabled]
5 January 2016Dark Ages [Purchase disabled]
5 January 2016Xenophage [Purchase disabled]
5 January 2016Shadow Warrior (Classic) [Purchase disabled]
5 January 2016Pharaohs Tomb [Purchase disabled]
5 January 2016Alien Carnage / Halloween Harry [Purchase disabled]
5 January 2016Monuments of Mars [Purchase disabled]
5 January 2016Bio Menace [Purchase disabled]
5 January 2016Arctic Adventure [Purchase disabled]
5 January 2016Football Manager 2015 [Removed]
5 January 2016Duke Nukem [Removed]
5 January 2016Duke Nukem 2 [Removed]
5 January 2016Balls of Steel [Removed]
5 January 2016Duke Nukem 3D [Removed]
5 January 2016Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project [Removed]
5 January 2016Blazing Angels® Squadrons of WWII [Removed]
5 January 2016A-Train 8 [Returned]
5 January 2016Divinity: Original Sin [Returned]
5 January 2016Bloop [Returned]
5 January 2016Moonrise [Removed]
28 December 2015The Dead Linger [Removed]
23 December 2015Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 [Removed]
23 December 2015Motorbike [Returned]
18 December 2015Burstfire [Purchase disabled]
18 December 2015Two Brothers [Purchase disabled]
14 December 2015Into The War [Purchase disabled]
11 December 2015Caribbean! [Removed]
10 December 2015R.U.S.E [Removed]
22 November 2015Ravens Cry [Removed]
20 November 2015Ravaged Zombie Apocalypse [Removed]
19 November 2015Law & Order: Legacies [Removed]
18 November 2015Cold Contract [Removed]
14 November 2015Planetary Annihilation [Returned]
12 November 2015SEGA Rally Revo [Purchase disabled]
12 November 2015Vancouver 2010: The Official Video Game of the Olympic Winter Games [Purchase disabled]
12 November 2015Beijing 2008 [Purchase disabled]
12 November 2015Grand Theft Auto 2 [Purchase disabled]
12 November 2015Grand Theft Auto [Purchase disabled]
12 November 2015In Verbis Virtus [Returned]
7 November 2015Darksiders II [Removed]
4 November 2015Virtual Pool [Removed]
3 November 2015The Political Machine [Removed]
3 November 2015Franchise Hockey Manager 2014 [Removed]
30 October 2015Nether [Returned]
29 October 2015Batman™: Arkham Knight [Returned]
27 October 2015Empress of the Deep 3: Legacy of the Phoenix [Removed]
27 October 2015Infected: The Twin Vaccine - Collectors Edition [Removed]
27 October 2015Fairy Tale Mysteries: The Puppet Thief Collectors Edition [Removed]
27 October 2015The Beast of Lycan Isle - Collectors Edition [Removed]
27 October 2015Whispered Legends: Tales of Middleport [Removed]
25 October 2015Mortal Kombat Kollection [Removed]
23 October 2015A-Train 9 V3.0 : Railway Simulator [Removed]
16 October 2015Emergency 5 - Deluxe Edition [Removed]
16 October 2015Emergency 2014 [Removed]
16 October 2015Eets [Removed]
16 October 2015Us and the Game Industry [Removed]
10 October 2015One Night [Removed]
10 October 2015Strangers [Removed]
10 October 2015Houston, we have a problem [Removed]
9 October 2015System Protocol One [Removed]
6 October 2015Commandos: Beyond the Call of Duty [Returned]
6 October 2015Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines [Returned]
6 October 2015Commandos 3: Destination Berlin [Returned]
6 October 2015Commandos 2: Men of Courage [Returned]
3 October 2015STORM: Frontline Nation [Removed]
2 October 2015ReLoaded [Returned]
2 October 2015Buggy [Returned]
1 October 2015Planetary Prospectors: A.R.M. (Asteroid Resource Mining) [Returned]
24 September 2015Organic Panic [Purchase disabled]
18 September 2015Brutal Force [Removed]
15 September 2015Project Night [Removed]
15 September 2015LEVEL 22 [Removed]
7 September 2015The Facility [Purchase disabled]
2 September 2015Tom Clancys H.A.W.X. 2 [Removed]
2 September 2015Tom Clancys H.A.W.X. 2 [Removed]
2 September 2015Tom Clancys H.A.W.X. [Removed]
2 September 2015Heroes Over Europe [Removed]
1 September 2015Legends of Dawn [Removed]
20 August 2015Age of Booty [Purchase disabled]
19 August 2015Pike and Shot [Removed]
18 August 2015Max and the Magic Marker [Purchase disabled]
14 August 2015Defenders of Time [Purchase disabled]
13 August 2015Thunder Wolves [Returned]
5 August 2015Standpoint [Returned]
5 August 2015F1 Chequered Flag [Removed]
2 August 2015Estetiikka [Removed]
1 August 2015Adams Venture Episode 3: Revelations [Removed]
1 August 2015Adams Venture Episode 2: Solomons Secret [Removed]
1 August 2015Adams Venture Episode 1: The Search For The Lost Garden [Removed]
31 July 2015Whitewash [Removed]
31 July 2015The Expendables 2 Videogame [Removed]
25 July 2015Yard Sale Hidden Treasures Sunnyville [Removed]
16 July 2015Deadpool [Returned]
14 July 2015Texas CheatEm [Removed]
14 July 2015Battle Squadron [Removed]
8 July 2015Mara [Removed]
8 July 2015No Time to Explain [Removed]
3 July 2015NBA 2K12 [Removed]
30 June 2015F1 2010™ [Returned]
30 June 2015Ramayana [Returned]
30 June 2015LEGO Minifigures Online [Returned]
23 June 2015Windborne [Removed]
23 June 2015Sherlock Holmes: The Awakened [Removed]
23 June 2015S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl [Removed]
23 June 2015Football Manager 2013 Russian [Removed]
23 June 2015DarkBase 01 [Removed]
23 June 2015Arma 2 [Removed]
4 June 2015GEARCRACK Arena [Removed]
4 June 2015Rhythm Zone [Removed]
3 June 2015American Mensa Academy [Removed]
3 June 2015Mensa Academy [Removed]
30 May 2015Tom Clancys Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter® 2 [Removed]
30 May 2015Tom Clancys Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter® [Removed]
30 May 2015Act of War: High Treason [Returned]
30 May 2015Act of War: Direct Action [Returned]
24 May 2015Rekoil [Removed]
24 May 2015NASCAR The Game: 2013 [Removed]
24 May 2015Ion Assault [Removed]
24 May 2015CSI: Hard Evidence [Removed]
22 May 2015A-Train 9 [Removed]
20 May 2015UFO Online: Fight for Earth [Purchase disabled]
19 May 2015The Chronicles of Narnia - Prince Caspian [Removed]
18 May 2015Mana Crusher [Removed]
6 May 2015The Retro Expansion [Returned]
6 May 2015STCC: The Game [Returned]
6 May 2015STCC II [Returned]
6 May 2015The WTCC 2010 Pack [Returned]
6 May 2015GT Power Expansion [Returned]
6 May 2015GT Legends [Returned]
6 May 2015Race: The WTCC Game [Returned]
6 May 2015RACE: Caterham Expansion [Returned]
6 May 2015RACE On [Returned]
6 May 2015Race Injection [Returned]
6 May 2015RACE 07: Andy Priaulx Crowne Plaza Raceway [Returned]
6 May 2015RACE 07 - Formula RaceRoom Add-On [Returned]
6 May 2015RACE 07 [Returned]
6 May 2015GTR Evolution [Returned]
6 May 2015GTR 2 - FIA GT Racing Game [Returned]
6 May 2015GTR - FIA GT Racing Game [Returned]
2 May 2015CID The Dummy [Removed]
29 April 2015State of Decay [Purchase disabled]
29 April 2015Virtua Tennis 4 [Removed]
25 April 2015Haunted House: Cryptic Graves [Purchase disabled]
22 April 2015The Ingenious Machine: New and Improved Edition [Removed]
22 April 2015Chaos Ride [Removed]
2 April 2015SAW [Removed]
2 April 2015DiRT 3 [Removed]
28 March 2015Hotel Giant 2 [Returned]
23 March 2015BioShock® 2 [Returned]
20 March 2015The Powerpuff Girls: Defenders of Townsville [Removed]
4 March 2015Second Chance Heroes [Removed]
26 February 2015The Stomping Land [Removed]
24 February 2015Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader? [Removed]
19 February 2015Atajrubah [Purchase disabled]
14 February 2015Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? Special Editions [Removed]
14 February 2015SpaceForce: Rogue Universe [Removed]
13 February 2015Paranautical Activity [Returned]
10 February 2015Under The Ocean [Partly Removed]
26 January 2015NBA 2K11 [Partly Removed]
26 January 2015NBA 2K10 [Partly Removed]
16 January 2015Extreme Roads USA [Returned]
16 January 2015Cities XL 2011 [Removed]
16 January 2015Realms of Arkania: Blade of Destiny [Returned]
15 January 2015Scratches: Director's Cut [Removed]
15 January 2015Lord Of The Rings Activity Studio Bundle [Removed]
14 January 2015Post Apocalyptic Mayhem [Returned]
13 January 2015Forge: Ymil's Revenge [Removed]
8 January 2015Aliens vs. Predator™ [Returned]
7 January 2015Aliens: Colonial Marines [Returned]
3 January 2015WRC Powerslide [Removed]
2 January 2015Football Manager 2014 [Removed]
1 January 2015NASCAR '14 [Removed]
31 December 2014Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 [Removed]
26 December 2014The Walking Dead™: Survival Instinct [Returned]
24 December 2014Onimusha™ 3: Demon Siege [Removed]
21 December 2014Project D Online [Removed]
19 December 2014Ice Age™ 4: Continental Drift: Arctic Games [Removed]
19 December 2014Family Guy™: Back to the Multiverse [Removed]
14 December 2014Gatling Gears [Returned]
13 December 2014The Haunted: Hells Reach [Returned]
11 December 2014Great Big War Game [Returned]
7 December 2014Actua Soccer 3 [Removed]
4 December 2014CardFile3D [Returned]
29 November 2014Starvoid [Removed]
23 November 2014I-Fluid [Removed]
21 November 2014Air Control [Removed]
20 November 2014Miner Wars Arena Special Edition [Returned]
14 October 2014Sleeping Dogs [Partly Removed]
12 October 2014Vigil: Blood Bitterness™ [Purchase disabled]
12 October 2014Patterns [Purchase disabled]
2 October 2014Call of Juarez™ [Returned]
23 September 2014Zen Fish SIM [Purchase disabled]
23 September 2014Metro: Last Light [Removed]
23 September 2014Ride to Hell: Retribution [Removed]
14 September 2014Dreamkiller [Removed]
14 September 2014MAGIX Music Maker 2014 [Purchase disabled]
14 September 2014MAGIX Music Maker 2014 Premium [Purchase disabled]
29 August 2014Shattered Horizon [Removed]
29 August 2014Time of Fury [Returned]
7 August 2014World War 1 Centennial Edition [Removed]
10 July 2014Homefront [Returned]
3 July 2014Soldiers: Heroes of World War II [Returned]
28 June 2014Rugby Challenge [Removed]
28 June 2014Rugby Challenge 2 [Removed]
28 June 2014Joint Operations: Escalation [Removed]
28 June 2014Joint Operations: Typhoon Rising [Removed]
25 June 2014DCS: Black Shark [Removed]
25 June 2014YOU DON’T KNOW JACK® [Purchase disabled]
25 June 2014Out of the Park Baseball 14 [Partly Removed]
25 June 2014Out of the Park Baseball 9 [Removed]
19 June 2014Fallout [Returned]
19 June 2014Fallout 2 [Returned]
19 June 2014Fallout Tactics [Returned]
17 June 2014The Club [Returned]
7 June 2014The Harvest [Removed]
2 June 2014Monsters & Munitions [Purchase disabled]
30 May 2014Bulletstorm [Returned]
22 May 2014Blade Kitten [Returned]
20 May 2014Quantum of Solace [Removed]
9 May 2014Stellar Impact [Returned]
8 May 2014Pride of Nations [Returned]
7 May 2014Section 8 [Removed]
6 May 2014Earth: Year 2066 [Removed]
2 May 2014Line Rider 2: Unbound [Removed]
1 May 2014The Whispered World [Removed]
23 April 2014A.I.M. Racing [Returned]
22 April 2014The Scourge Project: Episode 1 and 2 [Returned]

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